Additional Attendance Obligations

A limited number of students will be able to attend state and national meetings, and such attendance may be at the student's expense, with advance clearance from the Program Administrator, Coordinator of Clinical Support, and the current affiliate clinical coordinator.

Tennessee Association of Nurse Anesthetists (TANA) Annual Convention


This convention, currently held in Murfreesboro each fall, is a three-day event for Nurse Anesthetists and SRNA’s to attend lectures on various aspects of nurse anesthesia practice. Students are required to attend two complete days at the conference, not to interfere with their personal religious observance.  Student research from courses may be presented at this meeting in poster sessions or oral presentations. Non-attendance is considered an emergency day and is subtracted from the bank of emergency time granted

Special Events/ Guest Lecturers

Attendance at specific group functions and evening lectures by guest speakers is mandatory, unless the student is scheduled on vacation, call, or out-of-town affiliation. These are announced in advance with as much notice as possible and are part of MTSA’s program. Attendance is required unless the student is on vacation or at an out-of-town affiliation. Non-attendance will result in Progressions Committee action with penalties including having an emergency day subtracted from the bank of  emergency days granted and/or a one-day extension in the program for each missed day of an event.