Admissions Interview Process

MTSA  will conduct early interviews prior to the general admissions interview session period . Due to the number of applications MTSA typically receives, this annual meeting of the full Admissions Committee for the admissions interview session is projected to span two to three business days. MTSA may conduct early interviews for those applicants who meet a higher level of admission criteria (see Early Interview Criteria).   The Admissions Committee meets for its annual interview session during the summer semester. An applicant’s file must be complete prior to the deadline to be considered by the Screening Committee for an interview with the Admissions Committee.

After the Screening Committee has determined an applicant is competitively qualified to meet with the Admissions Committee, the applicant will then be invited by MTSA to interview with the Admissions Committee during the annual interview session. Each applicant who receives an invitation from the Screening Committee to interview with the Admissions Committee will receive notification from the Admissions Coordinator regarding the scheduled date and time for his personal interview with the Admissions Committee. MTSA is under no obligation to invite every candidate who applies to the School to an interview, as the admission process to MTSA is competitive, and the overall applicant pool varies from year to year.