Compensatory Time

Compensatory time is time earned for working on a scheduled holiday or for extra events. This time is recorded in a separate bank called Comp Days and managed by the Coordinator of Clinical Support. Comp days may be earned only when approved by the Program Administrator and/or the Coordinator of Clinical Support. Earned comp days may be taken off as the schedule permits. Earned comp days off must be scheduled fourteen (14) days in advance and coordinated through the Coordinator of Clinical Support. Only one student at a time may take an earned comp day in any affiliate, and then only with approval from the Coordinator of Clinical Support. Typically, one student is scheduled as a relief student, and this person can assume another student’s position in an assigned affiliate on the weekday they request off (weekends excluded).

If earned comp days are requested less than 48 hours in advance, it is highly unlikely the request can be honored. For all requests made less than 14 days in advance, two (2) comp days will be subtracted from that student’s bank of days. Comp days must be used within the calendar year they are earned). No Comp Days can carry over to another year, unless earned late in the calendar year and approved by the Program Administrator.