Emergency Time Off

Student are given three (3) days of emergency time in semesters 3-5 and 6-8, for a total of six (6) days of emergency time during the 36-month program. This time should only be taken for true illness, emergencies, and/or inclement weather. Using emergency time from clinical also prevents you from participating in academic activities for that day. You will need to follow the procedures for missing class as well. Students may be requested to submit a physician’s report documenting illness. No emergency days are provided for academic semesters 1 and 2 or Senior Elective, Semester 9.

Semester 1 - 2  0 Emergency Days
Semester 3 - 5 3 Emergency Days
Semester 6 - 8 3 Emergency Days
Semester 9 (Senior Elective) 0 Emergency Days

Absences from meetings that require attendance (e.g., guest lecturers) will be charged to this bank of time unless the student is at an out-of-town affiliation. Emergency days Do Not carry over into the next academic year.