Procedure for taking Emergency Time Off

The student MUST complete each of these steps:


  1. Call the affiliate and ask to speak to the Student Coordinator if possible. If the Student Coordinator is not available, request to speak to someone in the anesthesia department, preferably, or else someone else in the operating room that can get a message to the Student Coordinator and other anesthesia staff. Announce the absence and inform them of the illness (or other emergent reason). If unable to speak with the actual Student Coordinator, make a note of the name of the individual to whom you directly spoke to report the absence, as this will need to be relayed to the Coordinator of Clinical Support.
  2. Email the Coordinator of Clinical Support (615-732-7669) regarding the specifics of the absence, to include the name of the individual to whom the illness (or other emergent reason) was reported at the affiliate.
  3. Email the Program Administrator identifying that the appropriate procedure was followed and the time and name of the person at the clinical site with whom the student notified. If you are going to miss class, also include that information in your email.


  1. Call/email your class instructor(s) and inform them that you will be unable to attend class based on their contact preference on their syllabus. If you are going to miss an exam/test, it is your responsibility to reschedule it with your instructor.
  2. Call the Registrar (615-732-7671) and leave a message on their voice mail regarding the specifics of the absence.