All applicants who are re-applying must meet the following requirements:

  1. Reapply in NursingCAS (follow instructions for re-application)
  2. Submit a minimum of three (3) NEW references from professionals who have observed their clinical performance during the past year. (See Admission Requirements – References above).
  3. Submit a transcript (to Nursing CAS) reflecting completion of at least three semester hours in graduate level biophysical science courses (i.e., Organic Chemistry, Advanced Physiologic Concepts of Acute Care, Advanced Pathophysiology, Physics, Biochemistry, Advanced Pharmacology, and Pathophysiology). These courses must be completed within the past year or since last interviewing with the Admissions Committee. Grades less than ‘B’ are not considered competitive and are not accepted for this course completion requirement by MTSA; grades of ‘A’ are expected.
  4. Continue working in an active critical care area with exposure to invasive hemodynamic monitors and ventilated patients and provide verification of such.
  5. The Admission Committee may provide provisions to the above requirements

Candidates who have been repeatedly denied admission to MTSA are strongly encouraged to apply elsewhere. If a candidate has been granted any type of admissions interview during more than three (3) separate annual interview cycles, and the candidate has been denied a position as a student or as an alternate each time, the candidate may not be permitted to interview again. If a candidate has applied and been denied to receive any type of interview with the Admissions Committee, for more than three (3) annual interview cycles, additional re-applications will no longer be accepted.

*Any requests for alterations to deadlines for any admission criteria must be submitted in writing prior to the application deadline as noted on the school website. These requests must be reviewed for approval by the Nurse Anesthesia Program (NAP) Council.