Self Evaluation Examination (SEE)


All students will be required to take the Self Evaluation Examination (SEE) a minimum of twice prior to graduation. Students will take the first SEE during the 8th semester. Students will have to achieve the faculty set benchmark score during the 9th semester. Failure to pass the SEE benchmark will require the student to repeat the SEE.  Each student must pass the SEE prior to graduation to be scheduled to take the NCE.

The fees for the student’s taking of the SEE exam twice are including in the MTSA tuition and fees.  Any additional retaking of the SEE exam are taken at the student’s expense.


The SEE is a valuable tool to gauge progress in the education program, assess knowledge of anesthesia practice, and to prepare students for the National Certifying Examination (NCE) experience. The exam is 240 computer adapted questions covering these four domain levels: Basic Sciences; Equipment, Instrumentation and Technology; Basic Principles of Anesthesia; Advanced Principles of Anesthesia. The SEE is administered at approved testing sites across the nation. Data from the SEE will be reviewed and each student will receive counsel regarding knowledge areas that need further study and review.