Academic Contingency

MTSA highly encourages and has a strong expectation that applicants who are currently enrolled in a nurse anesthesia program at any school of nursing or in any specific master’s or doctorate level course at any school will remain engaged in that program or course and will complete that program or course successfully (minimum grade of B) and in good standing prior to enrollment at MTSA. Applicants currently enrolled in any academic program or course must disclose this to MTSA during the application process.

The applicant should be aware that if they are accepted to MTSA, their acceptance is contingent upon successful completion (minimum grade of B) and continued engagement (attendance, participation, etc.) in the program or course in which he or she is enrolled. Furthermore, upon completion of any program or course in which an applicant has been enrolled, the applicant is required to have an official transcript for any program or course submitted to MTSA’s Admissions Coordinator, prior to enrollment at MTSA.