Mission Trip Participation

MTSA students may have the opportunity to participate in mission trips at locations outside the United States. The mission program at MTSA helps to fulfill the mission statement of the school. MTSA will accommodate scheduling for a limited number of students to take part in the MTSA sponsored mission trips. Currently MTSA does  provide limited financial support to students  for their participation through limited fundraising activites. All participation is voluntary. Students may be allowed to participate in mission trips not sponsored by the MTSA mission program during semesters six (6) and nine (9).

MTSA Procedure for Mission Trips

  • MTSA does financially sponsor student participation in a limited capacity, but may be able to accommodate scheduling for a limited number of students to take part in some mission trips.
  • Students are never permitted to participate in mission trips as the sole or primary anesthesia provider, but must be accompanied by qualified CRNA and/or anesthesiologist supervisors.
  • A valid passport may be required to participate in a mission trip.
  • Students are not permitted to record any anesthetics or procedures performed on mission trips in their case logs in Medatrax, as the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Programs (COA) does not allow these to be counted toward their required numbers of cases and procedures.
  • The logistics associated with scheduling and accommodating requests are complex, and students should understand that not all requests may be honored.
  • Any student who has been on any type of probation or suspension during the program is not eligible to participate.
  • Mission trips will be approved only during semesters six (6) and nine (9). After the Senior Schedule is published, specialty rotation sites are confirmed, and the “vacation drawing” has occurred, the student may make a request for participation in a mission trip.
  • A complete description of the mission trip, mission sponsors, and itinerary must be submitted with the request. After review by the Program Administrator and review of the clinical schedules, the requests may either be granted or denied.
  • The student will be notified within 4 business days if the request will be granted.
  • Vacation days and/or Comp days will be used for any mission trip in the following manner:

*Any days during the trip that are not spent in the operating room or clinic will be counted as vacation days. (I.e. excursions, tours, safaris, beach days, etc.)