Practice Doctorate Program Student Drug Testing

Policy Number: 
12/20/16, 5/15/18
12/20/16, 5/15/18

MTSA is a faith-based organization concerned with the health and wellbeing of our employees & students. One of our goals is to provide a safe and drug-free institution of learning as well as protect the health and welfare of patients that may be treated by MTSA students during clinical rotations. All students will undergo drug screening during their tenure at MTSA.

MTSA contracts with an outside company that maintains sites nationwide to perform chain of custody drug screening. MTSA financially supports mandatory drug screening.

  1. Mandatory Initial Drug Screening: All students will be required to have a drug screening prior to performing clinical duties. MTSA pays for this testing.
  2. Mandatory Random Selection Drug Screening: While enrolled at MTSA, each semester a student(s) will be selected to participate in a random drug screening. The choice of student is randomly selected using an internet based random selection process generated by a computer program. Students will be required to have their test completed within 24 hours of notification. Clinical coordinators may be notified to allow students time to go to the closest testing site. MTSA pays for this testing.
  3. For Cause Drug Screening: MTSA reserves the right to request for cause drug screening at any time. This screening must be completed within 24 hours of request. An example may be a student receipt of a “red card” in clinical, erratic student behavior in classroom/simulation, behavior outbursts, calling out at clinical without a physician visit for illness, or other incidents. MTSA pays for this testing.
  4. Confirmational Drug Screening (Hair Test): A hair test drug screen will be conducted following any positive drug test results. This test will be at the student’s own expense.

If a student is unable to complete their drug screening within 24 hours or provide urine, hair testing may be performed at the student’s added expense. Any test that results in a “non- negative” will require follow up. Any additional retesting will be at the student’s expense.

Students may not begin or be allowed to continue clinical following a “non-negative” test result. The report will be sent to the Program Administrator for intervention and/or possible disciplinary actions. A student may resume clinical assignment after fulfilling any requirements set forth by the Program Administrator, and student submits a test sample for which a negative (“clear”) result is received.