Student Exam Taking Policy (Formerly Student Testing Policy)

Policy Number: 
2014, 6/17, 12/17, 7/21, 9/22
7/12, 2/14,12/20/16, 6/17, 12/17, 2021, 9/2022 pending BOT approval

All quizzes, tests, exams, and skill performance exams given at MTSA will be administered at the discretion of the instructor. A staff person may be asked to act as a test proctor. Staff proctor will communicate with the instructor any suspicions or concerns.

  • MTSA expects that all students will take each quiz, test, exam, and skill performance exam with integrity and honesty.
  • Students caught cheating or stealing testing material will immediately be asked to leave the classroom and will receive a grade of zero for that quiz or exam and will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal/termination.
  • Any and all supplemental material, books, magazines, journals, papers (including blank paper), laptops, cell phones or any other electronic devices (smart watches, etc.), caps, hats (scrub hats are OK, but must be left on at all times during testing sessions), or any other material/device that may be construed as a device for cheating, must be left in the back of the classroom.
  • Only the following materials are allowed on the desktop during paper testing: a pencil and scratch paper given by instructor, and an MTSA calculator if permitted by the instructor.
  • All students present for the testing session must be in their assigned test seats before the session begins.
  • There is to be NO talking, whispering, sign language, or gesturing once password for entry to test is presented.
  • If a student must leave the room during test taking time for an emergency, they must have permission of the instructor or the MTSA staff proctor.
  • During test taking time, to leave your seat you must first upload test & show the green  to instructor from your seat
  • After turning in test to the instructor, the student must immediately and quietly leave the classroom, without returning to his test or lecture seat (per instructor allowing).
  • When students leave the classroom, they must not cause excessive noise or disturbance outside the classroom in the hallway.
  • A mechanism for quiz/test/exam review is specific to each instructor and is included in the course syllabus.

Student Testing Expectations

  • Download test 1 hour prior to test time
  • Make sure laptop, iPad/Microsoft Surface Pro is at least 50% charged (bring charger/power source)
  • No hats (except scrub hat)
  • No cell phones, smart watches, or any other smart technology
  • All bags and books are left in the back of the classroom
  • If allowed by instructor, scratch paper is to be turned in with name on top
  • Your electronic testing device must remain flat on desk
  • Any issue with uploading exam should be brought to the attention of the proctor, instructor or classroom assistant before the student leaves the classroom.
  • Any issue with the test administration software, the student must immediately notify the proctor, instructor or classroom assistant by raising their hand and not pressing any other buttons or changing device settings. Failure to comply may result in forfeiture of exam and a grade of zero for that exam/quiz.

Instructor Testing Expectations

  • Address in syllabus to allow/not allow students to go outside when finished with exam
  • If using ExamSoft computerized testing, the test will be posted the day before
  • Assure all student materials & electronics are away from the testing area before testing begins
  • Once password is released, NO TALKING
  • No questions answered once test begins