Technology Requirements

Every student will need a mobile smartphone, a laptop computer, and an iPad, or a Microsoft Surface Pro will suffice for both the laptop and the iPad (see specifications below).

Mobile Smart Phone: A mobile smartphone, with a data plan (internet access), is required during the entire length of the program. As students travel to several affiliates, a mobile phone may be needed for emergency use. At clinical sites where students do not have WIFI access, the smartphone will be used as a backup for clinical evaluation completion. Utilizing MTSA EMS  technology, the smartphone will also be used to receive urgent messages from MTSA administration. All students are required to have voicemail and text capability on their mobile smartphone throughout the entire program, and to check their messages daily.

It is the responsibility of all students to keep the School updated with their current phone number, throughout the entire program

Computer: Every student must have a laptop personal computer (MacOS or Windows), an iPad Pro, or a Microsoft Surface Pro for the completion of scholarly papers, presentations, and to take proctored exams if necessary. Each student will also be required to have reliable high-speed internet access to complete online assignments and conduct research.

Due to the nature of the online component, students must make sure their laptop computer has an internet speed of 2MBPS (upload/download) or greater for a successful connection.  Operating system requirements can be found below.  Computers must have an internal or external web camera and a microphone. Students can test their internet speed at

MS Office applications are the current standard at MTSA. The latest version of Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel is required; therefore, each student will be given access to Microsoft Office 365. For wireless compatibility, laptops must have internal wireless capability “N or G”; older type “B” systems are not supported.



Amount or Version 

Required or Optional 



Required for ExamID & ExamMonitor 



Required for ExamMonitor 

Hard Drive Space 

2 GB Free HDD Space 



8 GB 

8 GB Recommended, 4 GB Required 


Equiv to Intel i3 2+ Ghz 


Mac Operating System 

10.13, 10.14, or 10.15 


Windows OS  

10 (Version 1803, 1809, 1903, 1909) 


Internet Speed/Bandwidth 

Min 2.5 Mbps Upload Speed 



iPad Pro*, Microsoft Surface Pro*, or Laptop (MacOS or Windows) 


*iPad: iPad Pro; minimum 32GB free space.

*Microsoft Surface Pro: 8GB RAM, 256GB

Educational programs will be downloaded prior to the first semester start date.

These devices are used in the classroom for electronic access to PowerPoint slides, testing purposes, recording simulation exercises, and supporting student learning.

The student and supervising anesthesia providers will also use the iPad or Microsoft Surface Pro in the clinical environment for online completion of student clinical evaluations.